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Carding: How to pay with a card in a store and what to do in case of a pickup

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Today we have one more introductory info on real carding and today I will tell you how to pay in shops with credit cards of my own production.

You probably think that everything is simple, right? But fucking.
Let's imagine such a situation, we came to the store to buy a laptop, pay with our credit card, and the terminal issues CODE-06 (it means that the card is screaming) and what to do about it?
Therefore, now I will tell you about some points that must be taken into account when buying any crap with our cards.

Shop selection
And it's a no brainer that the store needs to be chosen farther from the place where we copied the dump of the card and transferred it to our plastic. But just in case, I'll say it again, we choose the store at a stop hundred kilometers from the place where the card data was connected!
Next, choose a store: It can be absolutely any store with food, equipment or clothing. There is only one rule - the seller must be a girl and preferably a young woman (recommended).
But again, everything is at personal discretion, you can buy from the kid.

Don't forget your homies
Never go to this business alone, there should always be someone on the safe side, from 2 to 4 people.
If there are two of you, then one at the time of purchase is standing nearby and insures, and if there are four, then the other two graze on the street.
And now I'll tell you how to behave if there was a pickup (card interception or just fucked up) and how to behave, using the example of different stores.

How to behave in the case of a pickup truck
There are many subtleties with buying in stores, such as:

Lack of documents

The discrepancy between the card number and the number on the check (we are not Vangi, to guess this)

Signature mismatch

Or the ATM will issue some incomprehensible codes, up to code-06, which I wrote about above.

And in such situations there is a behavior algorithm that I will tell you about.

Grocery store:
Here we collect a lot of products, right to the dump. Have two credit cards and homies for insurance with you. We choose a younger cashier and approach him. It is recommended to work from 17:00 to 19:00 - in this interval. When queues at the checkout counters begin to accumulate and attentiveness decreases.
The main thing all this time is to communicate with the cashier and establish contact. Your friend should be behind him and he should preferably have cash with him. They tell us the amount and ask for a card, we give it and then there are two ways of development.
All hockey - the transaction goes through, we go out into the street with a joyful fuck, get into the car and leave. (but no, completely out of my mind ?? do not leave the car near the store, they will track you in cameras and fuck you in all your carder holes)
Pickup - the card did not go through, what can I do? The main thing is not to let the cashier take the card, we start talking to the cashier with a disgruntled face and pushing that you do not have time and pull the second card, in most cases all normal cards take it. If the second card does not work, then it's really fucked up, I advise you to run out of the store and take your cards. BUT if the situation is really heating up, then your sidekick next to you helps out and pays for you in plain sight, referring to the fact that he is your neighbor and you will take the money from him later.

Digital Store:
Here we choose a laptop, a prefix, it is recommended to dial numbers up to $ 1000. Have a chat with a consultant for about 10 minutes, ask him about all sorts of subtleties, and only then we go to the checkout. Here the aunts are more experienced, and they click on the grief of the carders once or twice. At the checkout you need to play a circus, let them call you, and tell the whole checkout that you will buy a gift for your sidekick and return to work. Gently remove the credit card from the wallet and give it to the cashier.
All hockey - the transaction passed, we calmly fuck off and enjoy the purchase
Pickup - In no case should you give a second credit, you need to pick up your own, swear at the bank and calmly leave the store, saying that you can remove the money from the ATM and come back, you can't run!

Advice: Never buy in big supermarket, they took a lot of carders from the outside and never buy plasma, because it's fucking corny and 5 out of 5 are firing on this.

Brand clothing store:
So you drove into a Gucci store in London and planned to buy some clothes. I will say right away that buying in such shops is the most dangerous thing.
We typed a piece of gear at $ 1000, we communicate with consultants, we look like a wealthy person, let them constantly call you on the phone.
We give the cashier a credit, he will look at it in any case. If it is not made of high quality, then these bastards call the bank, but we do not scam and say that there is not enough time, but we will wait. We hope that some inexperienced dick from tech support will remove the pipe at the bank. The bank will not tell her anything if you have not used the cards before (the holder has not yet announced the loss). You just tell her that go to the bank, remove the money and come back, and fuck ourselves.
If all the hockey and transaction has passed, then we leave with a satisfied eblet.
In the next article I will tell you more about buying skimmers on the Internet.

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