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Contactless payments - GooglePay / ApplePay / SamsungPay

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Today we will talk about contactless payment Apple pay, Google pay and Samsung pay.

What is apple pay.
With the help of Apple Pay programs, users of iPhone 6/6 +, 6s / 6s +, SE, 7/7 +, 8/8 +, X, XS / XS Max / XR, Apple Watch can pay for purchases using NFC technology (“near contactless communication») In combination with the Wallet program.

Apple Pay does not share original bank card details with the merchant; instead, transactions use a "dynamic security code"
The main feature and plus of this theme is offline purchase. This is the same as if you go and pay with a personal card in the store, but there are nuances that will be described in this manual.

What do we need for Apple pay.
1. Card, here I think everything is clear.
2. Phone with NFC function. This is any phone of the Iphone brand starting from the 6th series and above.
3. The dialer, punched SSN and DOB.
4. A store with a POS terminal supporting NFC (Such posses are now everywhere, if you do not live in the village)

At the POS or at the store itself (if it is a shopping center) there will be such a picture.

Or just ask at the checkout “Can I pay by contactless payment? (apple pay in our case)

3. We buy cards.
What cards are right for us?
Any cards that support Apple Pay.
You need to choose those banks that enroll by lookup through the SSN and DOB.

There are a lot of such banks in USA, choose the bank that you like.
When buying, choose the card that has information about cardholders's mail and his phone. Because from personal experience, if you give a task to a punch or try to do it yourself, the chance of success is close to zero.

4. Enroll the card.
We look up ssn, ext.
We go to the bank's website from the Dedicated Server / Sphere. First, we are looking for tunnels / socks USA, the state is not important, the main thing is that it is clean.
There will be 2 ways of development.

4.1. You've come across a primari roll.
In this case, we simply register the card with our data.

4.2. You got a rerrol. This is the case if cardholder has already been registered with online banking.
We pay the dialer (on average, it costs $ 10), give him the mail that is linked in online banking and his phone (this is all learned when we start rolling).
We make the mail to which we want to change (it is advisable to choose a neutral mail or mail similar to cardholder mail.) After changing the mail, we restore the password, as if we had forgotten it. A link comes to the mail that you changed. Enter your password.
According to statistics, 70 percent of rerrol and 30 primari came across.

5. Preparing to attach the card to Apple Pay.
We need VPN (nord, for example), American icloud.
When we created the American icloud, we download the application of your bank (from any ip).

6. We attach the card
We go to the Wallet application on our Iphone.
Add a card, there should be no difficulties.

We reach this stage:
We minimize by pressing the Home button.
We launch our VPN. We are looking for any IP USA.
After connecting to the IP USA, we launch the pre-downloaded online banking application.
We enter the login \ password of our account. In the case of primari roll, enter your mail and password. In the case of a reroll, enter the mail that you gave to the dialer and your password that you restored.
After we go to online banking, our card is automatically confirmed in the wallet application. Congratulations, we can go shopping.

7. Shopping.
We make 1 transaction up to $ 100. We need this to warm up.
When shopping, you should imitate the actions of a regular customer as much as possible.
Always think like this: "I would have done this if it were my card."
For example, you would hardly make many transactions for different amounts in one store.
The real buyer will collect the basket and go and buy everything together. And there are a lot of such examples.
We alternate between different amounts. $ 50, $ 150, $ 100, $ 290, 170. Frequency 15-20 minutes.

You can make amounts and much more, but the card will die faster.
On average, you have 5-6 transactions to complete your card. Then she dies.
The amount you can make is highly dependent on the acquiring bank.

In the EU, these amounts will be higher than in the CIS.
Why? Because there is a much higher chance that an American will go on a trip to Europe than to your "city" with a population of 5000 heads.
Also, the amounts depend on your chosen bank and bin.
Somewhere the daily limit is $ 1,500. Somewhere it is lower, and somewhere higher.
On average, $ 300 per transaction is the golden mean.

After 1 and 2 transaction, you need to go to the mail and confirm that I am cardholder.
Therefore, you need to monitor mail after each transaction. After such a message arrives in the mail, know that cardholder either already knows that someone has decided to buy at his expense, or he will very soon find out. Usually I received such a message for 4-5 transaction and I had another 20-30 minutes to buy in full. It is especially fun when you run to the store, knowing that the card is about to die and urgently ask for some product to quickly punch through and pay ).

8. Cost
- $ 5 look up through mail and phone. (Or it will be already upon purchase)
- $ 5 Dob and ssn
- $ 10-15 Valid Card.
- The dialer (if the roll is not a primari).

9. After working off the phone
After each development of the card, we flash it through recovery mode
There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to do this. Choose any article / video.

Why do we need to do this?
Apple Pay gives your device an identification code, which obviously goes black after the card dies.
10 limitations.
It happens that after some actions, it throws a restriction on your card.

What does it mean?
This means that you can continue to use the card, but the purchase limit is $ 15 (this limit is different in different banks)
If you come across a primari roll and you have a restriction thrown, in this case, you can use the card as your own for months (albeit with a limit).
If the restriction was given immediately.
To do this, you need to make 1-3 transactions, the mail will receive a letter "Was it you?" We confirm and the restriction is lifted.
The same restriction is thrown after 6 transactions.
In 15 percent of cases in LC there will be an additional service "chat with the bank", we write to them, we say that we want to remove the restriction. They will ask you to take a picture of the last checks. We take photos of the checks, we send them.

You can also call the bank and ask to remove the restrictions. I describe the most common 3 outcomes of events.
1. In the first, we are asked to receive an SMS. In this case, we will not do anything. We can change it in the LC to our phone number, but often because of this, the card goes into hold. It's not worth it.
2. In the second case, they ask to come to the bank. It is clear that we cannot do anything about it.
3.10 percent that after calling us they will not ask for anything and the restriction will be lifted.

In case of restriction, I just score. Remove restriction = kill card and spend money.

11. Security.
I think many of those who have read this manual have a question, "Will they not take me to places that are not so distant?"
Answer: No.

Let's explain why.
Apple writes itself that no one knows your card details. It is not transferred either to the store in which the purchase is made, or to the ePlu itself. All that the store sees is a code that is assigned to your device. As we know from the last point, it changes. That is, transactions with their anonymity resemble cryptocurrencies. Made a purchase, the card is dead, changed the code. In the worst case, you simply won't get paid.

12. Additional information.
1. It very much depends on which acquiring bank.
For example: In Moscow time, St. Petersburg, you can beat 75k for a tranza, in a small town the figure does not change for the better. On average, 25-30 thousand per transaction.
2.If you decide that after the purchase, you can return the product and you will be given cash. I say right away, you will not succeed, they return the money to the card from which the payment was received.
3. It is better to call from 13:00 to 15:00 and after 22:00 Moscow time. I noticed that banks are especially loyal at this time.
4. You need to fix the card not through wi-fi, but through the network.
5.If there is a problem with the card roll (for example, after being asked to enter the data, the page does not go further), change the ip and session.
6. The credit balance depends on income, in the pension they calculate the limit and it is always different from 4 to 30.
7. It happens that the cvv does not pass on the card. With this it is not clear what to do. Most likely this is a family card.
8. If during password recovery (to find out the mail and phone number) nothing is displayed at all. In this case, you need to click on the mail or password (there will be several of them)
9. When 2 verif is knocked out in the primary enroll, you press there is no access to these methods
10. When comes "confirm that you are cardholder" comes both by mail and by SMS. That is, when this happens, cardholder knows that someone is using his card.

Now let's talk about Google pay.

1. What phone do we need?
All smartphones that run Android 4.4 and higher are compatible with Google Pay. In addition, for you to be able to pay through terminals, your phone must support NFC wireless technology.
You can find out the version of the operating system in the settings of the device by clicking "System" → "About phone".
To check for NFC support, look for the appropriate item in the settings. If there is one, the smartphone supports NFC. If you do not find such a function on your own, check its availability in the device on the manufacturer's website.

How to connect and set up Google Pay
1. Install the free Google Pay app on your smartphone.
2. Open System Preferences and enable NFC.
3.Set up your screen lock with a PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint.
Launch Google Pay and follow the instructions of the program to connect cards.
As you already understood, exactly the same technology is used as in Apple Pay. The only difference is that the card is not attached in the Wallet application, but in its own application.

Samsung Pay

The application differs in that, unlike Apple Pay, it supports not only NFC payments, but also payments using electromagnetic transmission technology (MST), which allows you to pay using terminals that support only magnetic stripe cards.
This tells us that we can pay in this way even at old terminals.

How to add a card
If your smartphone supports this technology, then you have a standard application - Samsung Pay. You need to go to this application to add a card. In the lower right corner, find the "Run" button and click on it:
You need to follow the instructions in the app. Set a fingerprint or set a password. This is needed to confirm transactions.
Adding a card.
Next, you need to enter the card details manually.
After entering the card details, we agree to the Samsung Pay rules.
Just like in Apple pay, we confirm the card using the application of your bank.
Painting on the screen.
Your signature is the final step. After that, you will see a message that your card has been successfully added. Then you can use your phone to pay.

Supported devices:

Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S6 (including S6 Edge, Active and Edge +)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (including S7 Edge and Active)
Samsung Galaxy S8 (including S8 +)
Samsung Galaxy S9 (including S9 +)

Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note FE
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy A
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A6 + (2018)
Samsung Galaxy J4 + (2018)

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